Saturday, October 15, 2011

Wyoming and Idaho

My second time in Wyoming and my first in Idaho!
There were arches made of antlers in the middle of the town square.
Really cute boutiques that were more expensive than I'd ever seen. I wish I could've bought the whole store.
It snowed a couple days while I was there and it was beautiful to see the snow on the bright yellow trees.
Saw at least five moose while I was there, most on different days, and all in relatively the same area! I could never get close enough for a good picture though.
The Grand Teton mountains. Beautiful.
I loved this little house. It was all boarded up so we couldn't see inside, but I just thought it was cute.
We saw the Moulton barns. Crazy to think how old they are.
More moose!
One more moose. Look at that rack!
It was such a fun trip. So glad I got to go!

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