Saturday, April 16, 2011

Parenting Magazine

This morning, my photography friend Hanah and I met up with a couple graphic designers and took pictures for their parenting magazine. One of the girls has a bunch of nieces and nephews, so we took pictures of them playing and eating. It was a lot of fun, and a lot of good experience!
Hahaha, classic bum shot.
The magazine has articles about "over-parenting" and being over-protective, so that's why you'll see a rope around the swing and the kids wearing a helmet and swim gear next to the pond. Haha.
How cute is this? Cousins/sisters!

After I took this, I thought it was kinda funny that one of the articles talks about parents being over-protective, but then this little girl has a sharp skewer...haha.
This just about killed me...
Probably my favorite moment of the whole morning:
It was a really great morning. I'm happy with how a lot of them turned out! (A lot of these won't go in the magazine; I just included some of my favorites, whether they were intended for the magazine or not.)


Matthew Ashley & Alexa said...

Ahh so cute!! Very colorful! I want that Crush soda!

The Johnson's said...

I like the girl in the pink-striped shirt and headband spooning that chili(?) into her mouth. Funny.


p.s. I could have done without the crack shot. haha

Kayli said...

Ashley--I drank one of the Crush sodas on my way home from the park. It was AMAZING.

Michael--Hahaha. It's chocolate pudding, and I couldn't NOT include the crack shot.