Tuesday, February 2, 2010


For my Alternative Photography class, we had a project called "Ambiguous." We were supposed to create an image which had two concepts, so that it could be interpreted two different ways. I decided to take a picture of someone's hand with a handcuff on it, and then the other cuff would be dangling to the side, not attached to anything. It is unclear whether the person is being bound with or freed from those handcuffs, since it is only attached to one hand. I went to the police station and it was so nerve-racking! I never usually take pictures of people I don't know; I always have some sort of connection with the person. But this time, I called several strangers and made my own appointment. It was pretty intimidating until I was actually shooting! Here is the picture I came up with...It isn't exactly how I envisioned it, but do you think it portrays my idea?

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The Johnson's said...

I totally think it portrays your idea. I got it before I read what you said about it. I like it.