Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Photoshop Idioms

This was a project I worked on for this semester in my Digital Imaging II class. I decided to make literal versions of idioms, and it's a lot harder than it might seem! Can you guess what they are?

Answers: cup of joe; you are the apple of my eye; lend me an ear; fork in the road; a little bird told me; you are what you eat.

P.S. Thank you Doug, Travis, Aaron, and Mom (and everyone else who was willing) for helping me with this project!


Jihatsu Amateratsu said...

I loved it! very cool!

The Johnson's said...

These are great Kayli! I love the cup of Joe.

Hayley said...

I would like to point out two things: first of all I love the twilight-themed eyeball, yeah, that's what I thought of and second, i love that my fork is forever immortalized in the road. :)