Monday, March 23, 2009

Northern California #1

For spring break I went with some of my photography classmates and teachers to northern California. We all had so much fun and took so many pictures! Here are some pictures from the day after we arrived.

We actually met these guys with their dogs at a rest stop on the drive up...I just had to throw in this picture for some of the dog lovers in my family.

This is the pebbly sand of death. It killed our feet!

The beach at sunrise

On our way to Kim Weston's house, (Edward Weston's grandson)

I took tons of flower pictures this trip.

More to come! I couldn't dump all the pictures into just one post.


Heather said...

I LOVE the pictures! Great photo opportunities! I'm not a dog lover, but that's a cute pic! Lovely. Lovely!

The Johnson's said...

Wow. You are getting really good at this Kayli.